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The Surgery

Oral Cancer – Part Two – The Surgery

Being Preped.

The markings

The Markings of the Mad Men

Trach tube RC Jack


This next part is going to be showing the actual surgery as taken by some of the Dr’s during the procedure.  These are pretty graphic images so all I can say is view at your own risk.   For me I have to discuss and show the truth of the matters as they have happened to me.

On Dec 17th at roughly 5:30 a.m. I entered the hospital with my own home grown jaw for the last time.  I had good spirits going in and was ready to get the show on the road.



Me before


I think my family were more strung out about the surgery to unfold than I was.  I was morbidly curious how I was going to feel coming out of anesthesia.  Well maybe I shouldn’t say morbidly but I was damn curious for some odd reason.  I think the sedation from a prior tongue biopsy I had done along with the PEG tube procedure gave me more confidence about being put out for so long.  That was a main concern just being knocked out for such a long period of time.  You would think it would be more in-line with the surgery facts themselves as a concern not the fact I would be asleep.



Family seeing me off.

Last Hugs

Now this next part is going to dive right into the surgery itself.  The Dr’s did what I think was a awesome job when you consider the  things  done vs. how I look near the end or even today roughly a month since.  Most everyone who sees these surgery shots think it’s amazing how I look and function in just a short time from being released from the hospital.  I have tremendous respect for all the Dr’s involved in helping rid this cancer from me.

OK so here we go. . .  prepare eye holes for explosions.

What procedures you will be seeing:

Left Selective Neck Dissection Level 1-3
Composite Resection Left Mandible with Lip Split

Doctor Roster that I have had contact with (I’m sure there are many more involved):

Dr. Jonathan Bailey
Dr. Christopher D. Lansford
Dr. Jill Webber
Dr. Danny Cannon
Dr. Blake Kitamura

Insertion of the curly straw with alien landing markings


Check out the cables holding the face flap back.

Big Pipe

Jaw and my other side of my lower lip up near my eye

A many probes

Bar-B-Q Forks

See my lip up near my eye again. How that came back together true skills.

Jaw construction

Watching a master

See my lip?? I Dont get it either.

The removed parts.

Put back together.

Peanut head.

My head has way to many folds

Next post will contain the recovery experience in the hospital and from home.

Anyone wanting more info feel free to email me.


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