A few folks keep asking me why is this called “The Dragonfly ” when there doesn’t seem to be any current or obvious tie in with the latest material.  The title comes from an experience Sten had in his second  cancer (esophageal) which will make itself known as we get closer to telling that story.   This second cancer experience I hope to have much more detail and interviews from the medical side and support side of things.  As well as illustrative information to the procedures involved from many talented friends who have offered there services.

Right now I’m trying to organized a good approach in keeping this material flowing until the final chapter is told. With a new baby on the way ( end of next month ) this might be a little tricky but I’m hoping to have something to start the second by the end of this year at least .

Please keep giving feedback as it helps in carving into this story and presenting key parts that may help others in the same boat.

As always keep hitting up your facebooks, twitter, emails to the site www.dragonflycancer.com

Thanks Everyone