Statler Chat

Me and Sten visited with Eric Statler and here is some rough clips.



Starting Cancer II

Been slow going I know but starting the main reason we call Stens second cancer the dragonfly. Going to take a diffrent approach to this than the first Cancer I videos. More audio and visages of imagery with audio accounts.


Surgery Photo’s

Been collecting some photo’s of Sten’s surgery from one of our Dr’s who was nice enough to give them to us. There are a couple more folks that are helping make this documentary that have also had oral cancer surgery that have similar photo’s to share. I know these photo’s, which are primarily of surgery’s, might not sit well with allot of people but it is a look into whats being done to us. I do try and warn in those gallery’s of that fact.

There is an important element to telling Sten’s story in that it seems more and more people who have been stricken by oral cancer are volunteering in various ways. I know most don’t want to show scares and especially surgical procedures preformed on them but for me I can’t seem to really separate those aspects. I hope to possibly have some others accounts along with finishing up Cancer II with Sten. This is something I didn’t plan or expect but fully plan on implementing as much as I can.  The people surrounding this effort should have a voice along side the main focus of The Dragonly.


Yes I know ” What is that name implying? “. It will be revealed soon enough.

Pondering Cancer 2 ” The Dragonfly “

A few folks keep asking me why is this called “The Dragonfly ” when there doesn’t seem to be any current or obvious tie in with the latest material.  The title comes from an experience Sten had in his second  cancer (esophageal) which will make itself known as we get closer to telling that story.   This second cancer experience I hope to have much more detail and interviews from the medical side and support side of things.  As well as illustrative information to the procedures involved from many talented friends who have offered there services.

Right now I’m trying to organized a good approach in keeping this material flowing until the final chapter is told. With a new baby on the way ( end of next month ) this might be a little tricky but I’m hoping to have something to start the second by the end of this year at least .

Please keep giving feedback as it helps in carving into this story and presenting key parts that may help others in the same boat.

As always keep hitting up your facebooks, twitter, emails to the site

Thanks Everyone



Cancer One Finished

For the most part the first cancer stories are complete and we are moving on the more extensive cancer 2.  The information for the second cancer will be significantly more in depth with various interviews beyond just Sten’s account.   The support side will include friends, doctors and various illustrations to give light to certain aspects of Sten’s procedure.  We are starting planning for that today.